OK, now about doing Cold Calling…

How to Acquire Paying Customers Via the Web using Target Market Social MediaOK, now about Cold Calling… – Actually, with a little work researching online, the prospecting that is cold calling can become a very comfortable hot calling and may become quite useful for finding opportunities

Here’s why I say that and how I’ve taught my clients how to connect with great prospects using “hot calling”:

A) First, clearly define the many target audiences who, for their reasons not yours could use what you offer.

B)Then, research where they hangout online as a group to talk with each other about their challenges, issues and concerns.

C) Now, join their unique and often not so obvious social media discussion.

Here’s what you do when you join in to create qualified hot prospects who call you or will willingly take you call:

A) As people in this natural prospect group raise issues that you know your product or solution can address, comment. Don’t sell just say something like ” If you try this( idea, path ) it can fix the issue by getting you this(result). Sign the post with your name, email and company name.

B) Do that a few times and you are now seen as the respected go to expert with solutions to the issues raised and the people now call you for “help”. You have just reached thousands of genuine prospects, gotten them to call and you did so without facing competition.

C) Also, because you are now known and respected as a go to expert, you can directly reach out to someone in the group(s) and they will take your call because they know and respect your ideas and advice. Now you can sell your solutions to them for solving the very issues or needs they have raised without facing competition.

I’ve used this approach for my clients very successfully. Try it out. Regards, Neil Licht

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