5000 members in your LinkedIn Network – That’s absolutely worthless!

5000 members in your LinkedIn Network – That’s absolutely worthless!

tincanphone5000 LinkedIn connections, network members – What exactly does that really mean? Are more members and a giant number of connections in your LinkedIn network really valuable for you or not?


Perhaps the answer to these questions may be how and why do you decide to connect in the first place. What’s the focus and “results” that you as an individual want from your network and its members?

The next part of that and actually the hardest part is how do you select various members as someone you’d like to develop as a business relationship and why?

e3_TNI_Sales_2-1024x768In my personal LinkedIn network, I decide to join or invite using a kind of a “board of directors” approach. We share mutual issues, challenges and we like to help each other overcome them. We share logically complimentary businesses where a partnering can expand our collective offering to our clients. However, staying in contact is really what makes that all work and yes, trust, built up over time is the secret to making that actually work.

We reach out to each other when we have a problem, an idea, see something we can help our members with, and need advice7K0A0223 on taking a new step. We ask for input. That value is what my network is really about. Is that definition and interaction path that I chose deep or shallow? I don’t know. Is it exponentially allowing us all to gain help, insight, advice, real world experience use to help us all thrive. Yes.

So that’s how I see the network concept and what it’s about.

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