Five Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Networking

How to Acquire Paying Customers Via the Web using Target Market Social Media Five Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Networking

This personal one to one chance meeting at networking   events, industry shows or on purpose can be one of the best opportunities to gain prospects & key recommenders.

The success key is all in how you initiate & manage those conversations. Use a 30 second  “conversation” (Its not an elevator pitch). Its done with 3 objectives:

• to qualify re application value, need

• gain a strong interest

• gain an appointment to explore the concept in depth & how it could be beneficial, discover possibilities, value proposition, process for evaluation, adoption & get a sales process going that can indeed lead to a sale.

It’s absolutely not a “here’s what I do”- product pitch.

Why this approach? – Consider this:

Why sell when you have no idea if the need exists or if the person even cares. You can’t possibly sell in that short conversation because you don’t know the “buyer’s” needs, authority, or direct involvement with the areas that you can fix or solve. In fact, it’s not an opportunity for a sales pitch at all.

So, What’s your 30 second conversation intended to do?

  • Its purpose is to create a link between what the person you meet faces & must solve & what you have that can help. Its objective is to qualify probable need & value for your solution that gets the issue solved or minimized & then get an appointment to discuss the issues & how you may be able to solve them, that’s all.
  • It must get that precise connection made, get interest in what you have that can solve that issue & get the calendars out so you get an appointment to discuss it deeper with the person that you are talking with.

So how do I use a 30 second conversation at a network event that can qualify a genuine prospect quickly & create solid opportunity to acquire a paying customer and work in that way for me at networking events?

Here’s an approach that seems to work:

A)     Your 30 second conversation used to open and manage the conversation has to:

  • get a shared mutual connection going in a very casual, non-threatening conversational way
  • It’s not a sales pitch at all in that sense.

Starting with asking “What do you do” is great because it’s always good to know what the person does before you spend time pitching.

B)  Based on knowing that

  • pick a known problem or challenges that the prospect, because of what they do, always has to grapple with that you offer solutions for.
  • Say “You know how people in your position always seem to have to face xx and the issues it creates?” or say “you know how we always face xxxx”.

They say yes!

C) You say

  • “my company helps deal with those problems”
  • throw out a very quick example that shows how you have done that for folks like he or she & say “I’ve got time on Tues or thurs of next week to discuss how we can do this for you. Which is best for you and I to spend about an hour-Tuesday or Thursday of next week?”

You will get an appointment and then, in the first meeting, the real selling starts not in the30 second conversation.

I have found that this kind of 30 second conversation approach is useful in connecting in person and one to one conversations & gaining “qualified” prospects who want to talk with you about solving or fixing the issues revealed

It works well at:

* groups * casual conversation * reach out phone calls ( it gets calls back because of the message you leave) * reach out cold calls * lead follow-up, * the local chamber of commerce meetings, * social events

You can strike up a conversation because it can manage that conversation into an appointment to discuss your ideas ( ideas sounds a lot better than product or solution) .

Try it out at your next network event. Remember, using what I  described above carefully formulate what you say after the person answers “what do you do” so it sets them up to reveal that what you do could be something they need

Neil Licht, CEO, Founder – Here We Are, Chief Adviser, Acquire Paying Customers Consultancy Group  Cell 508-341-9563           LinkedIn

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  1. Acquiring Paying Customers - Neil Licht
    May 22, 2011 @ 23:51:16

    j-m, thanks. We can talk a bit if you email me with a way to connect up. Regards, Neil Licht Hereweare callhereweare@verizon.netNeil



  2. j-m
    May 22, 2011 @ 21:07:27

    Your description of how elevator pitches should be used is brilliant. I always resisted elevator pitches because they seemed way too "in your face" and "look how great I am". Finally it makes sense.

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  3. j-m
    May 22, 2011 @ 21:03:54

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