3 things you can do to get hot qualified prospects at network events

    3 things you should know about to create interest and hot qualified prospects “working” a network event 

RushingcrowdThis personal one to one chance  meeting at networking events,  industry shows or on purpose  can be one of the best opportunities to gain  prospects &  key recommenders.

 The success key is all in  how you initiate &  manage  those conversations.

Use a 30  second  “conversation” (Its not an elevator  pitch or 30 second commercial) 

Its done very differently and with 3 objectives:

• to qualify re application value, need
• gain a strong interest
• gain an appointment to explore the concept in depth & how it could be beneficial, discover possibilities, value proposition, process for evaluation, adoption & get a sales process going that can indeed lead to a sale.

It’s absolutely not a “here’s what I do”- product pitch.

Why this approach? – Consider this:

Why do an elevator pitch-sell when you have no idea if the need exists or if the person even cares about what you offer. This is not the time for a shotgun approach.

You can’t possibly sell anything in that short conversation because you don’t know the “buyer’s” needs, authority, or direct involvement with the areas that you can fix or solve. In fact, it’s not an opportunity for a sales pitch at all.

In fact, it’s not an opportunity for a sales pitch at all.

So what are the 3 things to say that can immediately qualify  a great prospect, can create interest and reveal hot qualified prospects “working” a network event?

How to Acquire Paying Customers Via the Web using Target Market Social MediaRemember your immediate purpose in the 30 second conversation – to see if you have a genuine prospect for what you offer  

• Its purpose is to create a link between what the person you meet faces & must solve & what you have that can help.

  • Its objective is to qualify probable need & value for your solution that gets the issue solved or minimized & then get an appointment to discuss the issues & how you may be able to solve them, that’s all.

• It must get that precise connection made, get interest in what you have that can solve that issue & get the calendars out so you get an appointment to discuss it deeper with the person that you are talking with.

How to Acquire Paying Customers Via the Web using Target Market Social MediaSo what are the 3 things to say that can immediately qualify  a great prospect, can create interest and create a solid opportunity to  acquire a paying customer at networking events?

Here’s an approach that seems to work:

1) Your 30 second conversation used to open and manage the conversation has to:

• get a shared mutual connection going in a very casual, non-threatening conversational way
• It’s not a sales pitch at all in that sense.

Starting with asking “What do you do” is great because it’s always good to know what the person does before you spend time pitching.

2) Based on knowing that

• pick a known problem or challenges that the prospect, because of what they do, always has to grapple with that you offer solutions for.
• Say “You know how people in your position always seem to have to face xx and the issues it creates?” or say “you know how we always face xxxx”.

They say yes!

If they don’t say yes, dont waste your time or theirs. – this one isn’t a prospect so don’t spend time with them “pitching”.  Politely end the conversation and move on to another person to talk with 

3) If you get a yes, You have a prospect so say

• “my company helps deal with those problems”
• throw out a very quick example that shows how you have done that for folks like he or she & say “I’ve got time on Tues or Thurs of next week to discuss how we can do this for you. Which is best for you and I to spend about an hour-Tuesday or Thursday of next week?”

Also ask “who along with them should be in the idea discussion conversation,? lets invite them into our discussion”. Now all the key players needed to evaluate your idea and move it along re there to hear your concept.

How to Acquire Paying Customers Via the Web using Target Market Social MediaAt the very least, You will get an appointment with this new prospect by doing this and then, in the first meeting, the real selling starts not in the 30 second conversation.

I have found that this kind of 30 second conversation approach is useful in connecting in person and one to one conversations & gaining “qualified” prospects who want to talk with you about solving or fixing the issues revealed

It also works well at:

* groups * casual conversation * reach out phone calls ( it gets calls back because of the message you leave) * reach out cold calls * lead follow-up, * the local chamber of commerce meetings, * social events

You can strike up a conversation because it can manage that conversation into an appointment to discuss your ideas ( ideas sounds a lot better than product or solution) .

Try it out at your next network event.
neil_tie180px  Neil Licht, CEO, Here We Are, Chief Adviser, Acquire Paying Customers Consultancy Group

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How to find ready, willing, cash in hand genuine qualified prospects via social media who need what you sell?



How to find ready, willing, cash in hand, qualified genuine prospects via social media who need what you sell?

In the face of our Google Search/sourcing world, to get them as customers before they Google Search, You may want to try this approach

A) Take some time to search out where, by title, type of people, issues, concerns that you can solve, folks are actually discussing these things online. That’s hidden but there. That’s where you spend your social media time.

B) Because of what’s being discussed on those types of discussion sites, its probable that you can see real opportunities where what you do or provide is a great solution for what’s being discussed so you know its a good prospect opportunity.

C) Join in the conversation. Don’t sell, just comment, perhaps just a hint at a way to solve the issues like this ” If you tried approach ( service, product, solution) , you might get this result and your issue could be solved”) Don’t sell, don’t elaborate, just make the statement, sign name, company.

D) Keep that up a bit as folks continue discussions on other related issues and do the same with a specific that can resolve that issue.

Result: These genuine qualified prospects become your customers, all without you facing any competition.

A) You directly reach your natural target audience at the moment they are trying to resolve or are facing the issues and concerns that you can solve via your service, product or solution.

 B) Your natural target audiences you have found and now are joined into now look to you as the respected person with some powerful solutions that they can use.

 C) They say as they read your posts, comments “Hey, that’s me! I need to call this person right now and see what they can do for me” and they call you right then and there.

 D) You can also call people in the discussion and they will, because they know and respect you, take your calls – Then you can offer the complete solution and make a sale.


IMG_3310It takes some homework, patience, and research via Google but you can find these online gatherings of your natural prospects where they hangout online to discuss issues or talk shop and then, by joining in, leverage them into customers.

Try it out, let us know what your results were.

Be patient however!!!! It takes a month or so to get that go to guru presence, trust and the phone calls that result or the ability to call, be “recognized” and the call accepted so you can leverage your presence into sales.

clip_image002Neil Licht, Founder, Managing Director-Chief Consultant,


How to Acquire Paying Customers online w/o competition using target audience specific social media groups & discussions

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12 Scientific Twitter Tips to Get You MORE Retweets and Followers written by Aaron Lee, a recognized expert in things “online and HubSpot

As Quoted from a recent article written by Aaron Lee, a recognized expert in things “online” and HubSpot:

“Every day more than 500 million tweets get sent! Getting noticed among all this noise is tough….

Today HOW you tweet is just as important as WHAT you tweet!

With that in mind, HubSpot recently released new data giving awesome tips on HOW to tweet.

The tips in this HubSpot infographic show you how to optimize your tweets to reach as much as your target audience as possible”


The 21 best “business building” social media sites you should use

So what are the best social media sites    to use for business building and  acquiring  customers even before they  Google search?

 Social Media Today
 reveals a list of 21 social media sites and  what  they are about:

click The 21 best “business building” social media sites you should use

Happy hunting, Neil Licht, HereWeAre – http://www.how2acquirecustomersonline.com

5000 members in your LinkedIn Network – That’s absolutely worthless!

5000 members in your LinkedIn Network – That’s absolutely worthless!

tincanphone5000 LinkedIn connections, network members – What exactly does that really mean? Are more members and a giant number of connections in your LinkedIn network really valuable for you or not?


Perhaps the answer to these questions may be how and why do you decide to connect in the first place. What’s the focus and “results” that you as an individual want from your network and its members?

The next part of that and actually the hardest part is how do you select various members as someone you’d like to develop as a business relationship and why?

e3_TNI_Sales_2-1024x768In my personal LinkedIn network, I decide to join or invite using a kind of a “board of directors” approach. We share mutual issues, challenges and we like to help each other overcome them. We share logically complimentary businesses where a partnering can expand our collective offering to our clients. However, staying in contact is really what makes that all work and yes, trust, built up over time is the secret to making that actually work.

We reach out to each other when we have a problem, an idea, see something we can help our members with, and need advice7K0A0223 on taking a new step. We ask for input. That value is what my network is really about. Is that definition and interaction path that I chose deep or shallow? I don’t know. Is it exponentially allowing us all to gain help, insight, advice, real world experience use to help us all thrive. Yes.

So that’s how I see the network concept and what it’s about.

OK, now about doing Cold Calling…

How to Acquire Paying Customers Via the Web using Target Market Social MediaOK, now about Cold Calling… – Actually, with a little work researching online, the prospecting that is cold calling can become a very comfortable hot calling and may become quite useful for finding opportunities

Here’s why I say that and how I’ve taught my clients how to connect with great prospects using “hot calling”:

A) First, clearly define the many target audiences who, for their reasons not yours could use what you offer.

B)Then, research where they hangout online as a group to talk with each other about their challenges, issues and concerns.

C) Now, join their unique and often not so obvious social media discussion.

Here’s what you do when you join in to create qualified hot prospects who call you or will willingly take you call:

A) As people in this natural prospect group raise issues that you know your product or solution can address, comment. Don’t sell just say something like ” If you try this( idea, path ) it can fix the issue by getting you this(result). Sign the post with your name, email and company name.

B) Do that a few times and you are now seen as the respected go to expert with solutions to the issues raised and the people now call you for “help”. You have just reached thousands of genuine prospects, gotten them to call and you did so without facing competition.

C) Also, because you are now known and respected as a go to expert, you can directly reach out to someone in the group(s) and they will take your call because they know and respect your ideas and advice. Now you can sell your solutions to them for solving the very issues or needs they have raised without facing competition.

I’ve used this approach for my clients very successfully. Try it out. Regards, Neil Licht

Have you ever thought of selling, not as selling, but as a logical and natural conversation amongst equal peer experts.

Have you ever thought of selling, not as selling, but as a logical and natural conversation amongst equal peer experts.Image

One equal peer expert in their company and its operation and the other peer equal expert in other ideas, practices, systems, processes, technology, changes, ops and systems tools that can help the company work more efficiently, show more profit, turn out goods faster, whatever the company expert says they care about.

Both have the company and its interests at heart as peer equal experts and that’s the perception each must get of the other 

As the outside consulting peer equal expert so to speak, the sales person in this conversation between peer equals can ask the questions that uncover the why behind what the company peer equal expert thinks they need and what they have said is important.  The Salesperson can learn about what they do now from the company’s peer equal/expert they are talking with, its impacts, bottlenecks, challenges

The sales person can also logically then ask/learn What would the company peer equal/expert change if they could and why, even expand the conversation to a broader deeper look that sets up new thinking and sets the sales “peer equal/expert” up as a person who may have some great ideas.

The company peer equal/expert and the sales/consulting peer/expert then can relate well with and to each other with a common connection about genuine issues, challenges, concerns. The conversation happens and the shared view between the “peer equals/experts” is then honestly assessed and solutions can be considered.

That’s what selling is. It’s not pitch, tell, It’s a conversation between equals, each bringing different expertise to bear on uncovering issues and then how best to solve them.

How to Acquire Paying Customers Online without having to face competition using Target Market Social Media

How to Acquire Paying Customers Online without having to face competition using Target Market Social Media – Here’s a path that can work

Because the web is now the new and powerful “word of mouth” knowing how to leverage its many social media aspects to reach and influence the target audiences groups & discussions where your prospects “hang out” is critical for growing business.

Its also how, without any competition, you become the “go to guru” in the right target audiences, get called and acquire paying customers via the web.

I use the following with my clients to help them gain that all important “go to guru” strategic position with genuine prospects and the right target audiences:

While we all want to grow our businesses as painlessly as possible, there is some important homework to be done first in order to see the paths and avenues to take when trying to gain traction for a product, service, and build long term customers so sales can happen.

Look at these key issues in strategic positioning, messaging, understanding your target audiences and actual selling approaches that need to be addressed to get YOU sales: 

• Where is my target audience? Who are they? Where do they “hang out” online?
• What do they care about?
• How do they source?
• Where do they go for industry updates and information and how do you get featured “there”?
• How do I think from the point of view of my target audiences so I can relate and connect?
• What do I specifically “say” that can instantly capture the targeted audiences, prospects so they want to talk
• How do I differentiate myself from the pack so i get called?
• How does my target audience evaluate issues and solutions?
• How can I define my key audiences and position to be of service to each audience so they want what I offer?
• How do I become a featured speaker at events and establish my position as a go to expert?

That reveals where target audiences are, where their “influencers” are and where you should be active via articles, social media, blogs, email, newsletters to create a “go to” national presence and reputation.   

Next, using what you found, apply 2 key sales axioms as the road map for tapping into what you learned, using/leveraging each identified path and for messaging accordingly in each avenue you found that can create calls, buyers, get attention and position you as the go to source:

* Axiom #1: People do things for their reasons, not yours.

* Axiom #2: Imagine the prospect has a sign on his forehead that says “so what?”

These two principles guide the selling process, whether in letters, emails, your web page, blog or in person. If you remember these two axioms, your sales reach outs and what you say in them will come out as grabbers and connectors with issues and concerns that prospects interested buyers have, not as product pitches and then link/position what you “offer” as a way to solve those issues.

Understanding this thinking in target markets and constructing your reach outs based on the 2 sales axioms can get you the desired national presence and reach that you want plus the all important interested “real” prospect that you want.

Neil Licht, Managing Director, HereWeAre

http://www.wix.com/ndlicht/hereweare  (508)-481-8567

In the era of the web searching educated prospect How can you gain an edge and get the sale?

online-media-advertising In this era of the educated prospect that the web facilitates via everyone’s ability to search online, The prospect’s awareness of product, services and competitive offerings is often there before you are. So, how do you, as a sales type, approach making a sale in this era of the educated prospect?
You know, its not a matter of “lack of skills”. Our skills are still there. Its just learning how to adapt them to the “web as the new word of mouth and search” realities of our potential customers.
key-to-success tplus rxt Their reviews of your businesses and competitors can tell us a lot re how our target audience likes to shop and what’s important to our target audiences. We should Google to find reviews of us and our competitors and really learn from them. In our newsletters we send if we ask about the issues we find, ask what’s important and look for comments, we can surely come to see patterns of what’s important to our prospects. Then, we can use what we learn an now know to have a discussion with a prospect from a basis of understanding them and their needs, not guessing at it.
Its not just price that makes a sale, its perception by the prospect of the value a seller brings into the evaluation as an “expert”.
In our prospecting and selling approach, I think we have to accept that we are starting with a much better prepared “prospect” that has researched online and already has a good feel for what they want.
peoplealt Asking what research they have done, what they found out as we begin the face to face sales process and hearing it will actually help us hone in on a prospects actual likes and wants. We will look exceeding great then compared to our competition, be perceived as genuinely trying to make a good match for our prospects and the trust that creates should lead to a lot more sales.
What we hear must be shared with “Marketing”, our internet sales people and our product development people. They then have real world derived “needs” to focus on and appeal to if we do that for them and our reach outs, ads, messaging will work in a powerful targeted way to help us acquire paying customers.
Regards, Neil Licht, privacy internet investigator, Hereweare. callhereweare@verizon.net

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